Mitigation services and strategies to minimize, manage and control risks.

We offer high-quality security services at affordable prices

Securité Services Limited is a Kenyan based security firm providing comprehensive and tailored protective services to residential and commercial establishments. We offer a wide range of home security solutions that are set to ensure you don’t miss those important moments with family and loved ones while worrying about your safety, we proactively sort out security challenges that might interrupt your happy moments.

We avert any risk that might set back your business for years, if burglary and other form of crime was to happen. Invest in the best security solutions.

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Home and Business Security Solutions

Our competitiveness stems from our extensive field experience, capacity of reaction & adaptation, streamlined management & communication structure, human resources pool, our staff, as well as local competence, partnerships and training.
Securité Services proposes a full range of security solutions.

Trained Security Guards

The current security challenges demands the very highest standard of security personnel.

CCTV Systems and Surveillance

Monitor your home or property using our reliable mobile applications.

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We consistently review the top security systems to make it easier for you

The Value Leader in Security - Putting People before Profits
Security services employ either communication or mitigation technologies, or both, to achieve their goal. Over the past 30 years, we have engaged clients, practitioners and manufactures of security products. Through experience we have understod the security arena. We have made a name for ourselves in customer satisfaction and in the implementation of high-quality low-resource technology. Get a partner who is avast to the ever changing security landscape for maximum protection.
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Segments We Serve

For the greater part of us, our businesses and homes aren't only a place. Take the step of investing in appropriate security by calling us today.

Security Out of the Bundle

Our services can be requested individually or as a bundle. Bundles cost way less cause.... Common bundles include:
  • Automatic Intruder Alarm, Trained Security Guards and Emergency Response.
  • Trained Security Guards and Dog Patrols.
  • Trained Security Guards, Frisking and Front Office (Commercial).
  • Fire Alarms, Fire Cabinets and Fire Extinguishers.
  • CCTV Installations and CCTV Surveillance Outsourcing.
  • Electric Fencing, Alarm Signing, Trained Security Guards and Emergency Response.
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